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It can be done!

That idea, that daydream, that spark of imagination!   Maybe it's just something cool you saw somewhere, but who knows where or how long ago.

If you've ever had the thought "You know what would be cool..." or "Imagine if...", then you've come to the right place.

The Imaginarium exists because we said to ourselves "Imagine if...we took peoples' crazy, unique, inspired however implausible ideas...and gave them life".

We love to collaborate and create!  Bird & Bee was founded by an accomplished painter, sculptor, woodworker, and general creative whirlwind.  See something amazing on Pinterest?  No problem!  Contact us and we'll do what we can to bring your cool idea into reality. Nothing would make us happier than an ambitious project to dive into.

Some examples of custom work we have done include ceremony arches, marquee signs, unique seating charts, alternative guestbooks, photobooth backdrops, and more.  What we create is limited only by the imagination!

Quotes will be based on materials and time.  Contact us here.